About Continental Freight Forwarding, Inc.

Our Mission

About Continental Freight ForwardersOur mission is to provide complete solutions to our client’s transportation logistics needs from within a diverse culture of employees from many parts of the world.

We do this in partnership with our customers by providing integrated logistics services to manage and distribute cargo by forming strategic alliances to meet supply chain needs and objectives.

Who are we?

Continental Global Logistics (CGL), operating under the name of Continental Freight Forwarding (CFF), is a supply chain based logistics and global transportation group with specific strengths within Latin America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Our business is Global Inventory Management and Inter-Modal Transportation. As a Logistics Solutions Provider with dedicated facilities and equipment we provide "end to end" transportation and order fulfillment services within a collaborative environment between "buyer and seller".

Our History

The formation of Continental Global Logistics had its beginnings in 1972 when the company was founded under the name of Continental Freight Forwarding. Family owned and operated, before and during the era of deregulation, gave a small and select group of clothing manufacturers transportation services that focused on ocean and air-freight forwarding.

During the mid 1980's we realized Global Trade would create a new vision that would require a sophisticated industry dedicated to a new level of excellence. Different commodities from various specialized market segments required the company to expand into warehousing and distribution which provided the foundation for today's involvements in order fulfillment. Today, this global entity with Regional Hub Centers in Latin America, Europe, Africa/Middle East, and Asia Pacific is known as Continental Global Logistics. Customer-driven, we acquire and deliver Logistics/Fulfillment and Transportation Innovation, Technology, and Communications to subordinate each of our supply chain products as either single source provider of transportation and fulfillment services and/or as lead integrator.