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Logistic services with a new level of excellence

When all goes well and calm, everyone can be a freight forwarder. 

When things go bad, most of them

run away, and only the good ones

stay to your rescue.

Continental office

High quality customer service

High quality and unparalleled human customer service.

No robots!

We like to work

close to you.

All you need to make the final decision

We offer a first-class consulting team to advise you, and the final decision is always yours.

A vision that goes beyond

With a solid worldwide network, Continental delivers expedited and deferred levels of "door to door" services for more

than 3,000 communities.

Leadership in the logistics industry

We are proud to have a fantastic team, so many awards and to be a member of World Cargo Alliance (WCA).

We believe that freight is more cared for than owned. That’s why we like to innovate, and keep our clients in the drivers seat.

Join the team and power up your business.

A collaborative working environment with worldwide resources makes everything different.

We have perfect logistic solutions in Latin America, Asia, Europe, and Middle East.

We are proud of these numbers


Years of experience


Commercial partners


Shipments delivered


Served communities



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