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Our Mission

Provide complete logistic solutions to our client’s with a high standard of excellence.

Continental team

Our History

Since 1972, working as a manufacturing group, organizing international and domestic air and sea transport, we began to expand to several cities across the United States.

In 1980, new partners joined the company and began to manage this expansion with a modern perspective. High-ranking levels of services and excellence were added and this new vision required the company to expand into distribution and warehousing.

Our experience, innovative team and solid relationships, reshaped the company and today we are a leader in the logistics industry.

Technology at your service

The world is constantly changing, and technological improvements move fast. We know that the core source of information for shippers and consignees lies in trusted and updated systems, and that’s why we are continuously improving our IT, insuring our team the best tools.

Our evolution is your safety.

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