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Our services

Innovation that combines expedited domestic, air, and ocean freight services

Continental Ocean Freight


Continental know's how critical trustworthiness must be. Our customers have ensured that their goods are being transported safely, securely and will arrive at their destination in a timely manner.

We prioritize excellent customer service by ensuring that our team is highly trained and provides all the needed support throughout the entire shipping process.


For us, communication is the key. Responding quickly to inquiries, issues, and concerns is highly essential. Keeping open lines of communication by providing timely tracking information and regular updates on unforeseen issues that may affect your shipment is vital.

We are your reliable partner.

Continental Air Freight


With over 51 years of experience in Air Freight, we know how critical air freight must be and have extensive knowledge that can bring you unmeasurable benefits.

Continental has total shipment control from the point of origin to the destination. 


Our advanced customer service is your front line, and will guide you through the most challenging conditions, ensuring extreme levels of service at competitive rates keeping clients and partners updated throughout the entire shipping process, from pickup to delivery. 

We offer:

•  Dependable real-time update

•  The option to track their packages at any time

•  Provide quality support with a dedicated team that gives personalized attention to each shipment.

Continental Trucking


Across The United States, regardless of origin or destination, Continental has a trucking network strategically positioned to deliver expedited or deferred levels of "Door to Door" freight services.

Our trucking network of carriers, drivers, warehouses, and service partners is crucial to our success in providing consistent and a high-quality service.

Utilizing the most advanced technological advances in our industry, and TMS to manage dispatchers, we can increase efficiency, making pickups and deliveries quicker and more punctual.

We provide:

•  LTL, or Less than Truckload, which consolidates your shipments with others, is ideal for shipping smaller items, while providing a cost-effective solution for smaller shipments.

•  FTL (STL), or Full Truckload, exclusive use of the truck, provides an efficient option for larger shipments. STL shipments are typically time-sensitive and require coordinated logistics and routing to ensure timely delivery.


Continental Imports


We can provide service at any port of entry in the United States and, as a CTPAT member, we are considered to be of low risk and therefore less likely to be examined at a U.S. port of entry.

With such agreement with CBP, our pre-approved clients have a variety of benefits such as:

•  Reduced number of CBP examinations

•  Front of the line inspections

•  Possible exemption from Stratified Exams

•  Shorter wait times at the border

And many more….

Continental Warehouse and Distribuition


We offer a full spectrum of services that which includes receiving, stocking, replenishment, allocation, shipping, and inventory management, down to a unit level basis.

Cross-dock functionality adds inventory flow-through and trans-shipment capability to drive product to either fulfillment centers and/or to end users directly to "store front".

CONTINENTAL will execute, optimize, communicate and integrate inter-modal transportation services as seamless links within the supply chain.

We offer customer service in most languages to accommodate our growing client/shipper and agent base.

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